Fast Cash – reviews and loans offer online

Do you need extra cash? It happens. If you can’t take advantage of your savings, take advantage of Quick Cash online. We are scanning the offer of one of the non-bank institutions.

Quick Cash – cash for the indebted?


A quick cash loan can be obtained by anyone who is over 18 years of age, has Polish citizenship, owns a bank account (in one of the Polish banks) and an active mobile phone at the time of submitting the application. At the time of applying for a loan, the borrower may not have any arrears in repayment of loans taken out previously.

The Fast Cash offer cannot be used by persons who have been entered on the list of debtors or do not have a stable income.

Fast Cash without GFI and GC?


Each lender has the right to verify the applicant for an online loan by checking the available databases collecting the credit history of the debtors. Not every loan company does this, however Fast Cash checks the bases:

Fast Cash over the internet


The lender offers loans in the amount from 100 to 7,000 USD for a period of 1 to 65 days. A special offer is also available for new customers – an online loan without interest. In this way, new customers can borrow up to USD 6,000 and will not pay anything for interest and commission (APRC 0%). Only one loan can be taken at a time and you can apply for another after repayment.

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What costs will you have to take into account if you want to take advantage of the Quick Loan offer again? See some examples.

Quick Cash – how to get it?


Applying for a quick loan online with Quick Cash is very easy – you can do it in three quick steps:

  1. Choose the loan amount and specify the repayment date by using the slider.
    Here you will learn all the additional costs that you will have to incur in connection with running the loan.
  2. Fill out the online form – enter your personal data (name, surname, PESEL, place of residence and residence), email address and telephone number. You will be asked to provide information on employment – the workplace and the amount of income.
  3. Quick cash on ID – to get an online loan, all you need is your ID card.
  4. Verify your bank account and complete the verification transfer. To facilitate and speed up the process, the borrower allows the applicant to make a payment through the Good Finance fast payment platform.

Quick Cash on account

The last step is waiting for the credit decision and transferring the cash to the account. Usually, it lasts from a few to several minutes. After this time, you will receive money for a previously verified bank account.


If you submit a loan application outside of the company’s business hours, you have to be aware that it will not be processed until the next business day.

Fast Cash without certificates

Regular customers of the company can submit a loan application via SMS or submit an instruction by phone (during one conversation with a consultant).

Fast Cash – no timely repayment – what then?

If you are unable to pay your liabilities on time, you can use the option of refinancing the loan for a period of 7.14 or 30 days.

A quick online loan allows you to refinance even when the original loan is due. In this case, you will have to pay extra fees.

If you want to check the remaining amount, log in to your user profile – there you will find all the information about your loan. Logging in is done by clicking on the green LOGIN button (in the upper right corner of the page), enter your e-mail address and password, which was established when filling out the credit form.

Quick Cash – reviews

Quick Cash - reviews

Fast Cash Online is distinguished by an extensive offer addressed to new customers – thanks to the possibility of applying for the maximum loan amount, no additional costs or a quick credit decision. The borrower can apply for refinancing and pay off the loan early.

An additional plus maybe the promotion prepared for Fast Cash customers – a bonus for recommending loans to your friends.

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Among the biggest disadvantages of Quick Cash, Internet users mention, above all, the high cost of around-credit fees.

The downside may also be the waiting time for consideration of the credit decision – if we do not submit the application during business hours (in the week from 8:00 to 19:00, on weekends from 9:00 to 17:00), it will be considered only the next business day. Fast Cash without GFI is not available.

Loan calculator – calculate the cost of loans online

If you want to borrow money online and need a quick cash injection, you can use payday loans. The loan calculator will help you make decisions.

Loan calculator – check what the installment amount and the cost of the loan are


If you take a loan from a loan company (or take a loan from a bank), you use the services of the institution and you have to pay for them. Lending companies and banks want to make money by borrowing money.

Therefore, you usually give more than you borrow (there are some exceptions, but more on that later). It is not enough to divide the loan amount into the number of months or weeks – depending on the repayment frequency you choose.

An online loan calculator comes in handy to calculate installments or total loan costs (APRC).

What is the amount of installments and what fees do financial institutions add to them?

  • Equity – corresponds to the amount you borrow – without interest or commission. If, for example, you borrow PLN 1,200 for 12 months and you pay the liability in equal installments every month, the capital part of each monthly installment will be PLN 100.
  • Nominal interest rate – the interest rate is added to cash loans or borrowings. This indicator informs you about the percentage of liabilities incurred. According to the so-called anti-usury act, the nominal interest rate may not be higher than four times the currently applicable Lombard loan rate of the National Bank of Poland. Enter this value if you use the online loan interest calculator.
  • Loan company fees and commissions – these are the amounts that financial institutions impose on borrowers in exchange for granting a loan and performing specific activities. So you can meet, for example, with a preparation fee or commission. The commission may be charged at the beginning of the contract. The amount of these fees depends on many factors, e.g. it can be calculated as a percentage of the loan amount.
  • Other costs – it happens that other fees are added to the cost of the loan, e.g. paid insurance.

When comparing various loan or borrowing offers, pay attention to the APRC (Actual Annual Interest Rate). The interest rate alone will not tell you everything about the cost of a loan or credit.

APRC is an indicator expressed in percentage, which illustrates how much you will actually pay to a loan company or a bank for being able to borrow money. APRC consists of interest, commissions and additional costs associated with taking out the loan.

The formula for the APRC is complicated and requires knowledge and mathematical skills. Fortunately, to check the APRC loan, you can open an online APRC loan calculator.

It is a very simple tool to use, thanks to which you can easily check the cost of the commitment. In addition, every financial institution should provide you with full information on the total cost of the loan or credit.

How much does the loan cost? Loan calculator


If you want to check what each installment of the committee will be, you can use the loan interest rate calculator, in other words, the installment calculator. The values ​​you need to write down are:

  • amount borrowed,
  • repayment period,
  • interest.

The loan interest calculator will show you the loan or loan repayment schedule. For example, if you borrow PLN 12,000 for 12 months and the interest rate is 5%, then thanks to the loan calculator you will find out what the fees will be.

If you want to calculate the APRC and find out what the actual cost of the loan is – including the commission you have to pay to the bank and other fees – you can use the APRC loan calculator. The data you will need to calculate the APRC is:

  • amount of credit,
  • repayment period,
  • interest,
  • commission,
  • other costs,
  • installment type (equal or decreasing).

On this basis, the loan calculator will calculate the actual annual interest rate of your loan and you will be able to go directly to find the best offer for you.

Do you always have to pay commission and interest on the loan? Loan calculator for non-bank companies


If you take out a loan from a bank, you will most likely be charged fees such as commission or interest. The loan is a financial product reserved for banks – it is regulated by banking law.

The situation is different in the case of loans, which may also be granted by private loan companies or natural persons. The loan costs are always set by the lender.

Therefore, the price you have to pay for using the service of such a company can be much higher than at a bank. On the other hand, no one can prohibit the lender from giving up additional fees.

Despite this, many loan companies have, for example, payday loans for free. In these situations, the loan calculator will be superfluous because all fees will be abolished – including interest and commissions. The APRC will be 0%.

Free loans are usually granted to new customers. The loan amounts are usually low and the borrowing time is short.

If you are looking for a favorable offer, pay attention to companies that offer various types of promotions, low interest rates or commissions. Remember, however, to carefully check all parameters and terms of loans. The calculator will help you calculate installments and total costs of obligations.

Installment loans – installment loan in a few moments

An online installment loan is a product available to the public and easy to receive. To find the best offer for you, just use a good comparison. See what might interest you.

Statistics show that loans are used by nearly one million Poles – Poles appreciate the minimum formalities, no need to fill out extensive forms, provide various types of certificates, and extremely fast loan execution times.

As many as 60% of this group are young people up to 34 years of age who do not have savings, often do not have the credit history required by banks (even those related to installment purchases) and cannot always boast of high earnings.

On the other hand, they are familiar with modern technologies and aware of the rules for using an installment loan. However, above all, they are characterized by greater openness and willingness to take risks.

So-called payday loans are taken before Easter, Christmas or holidays – money is needed to implement small occasional expenses, e.g. buying gifts, organizing parties, trips, etc.

Quick installment loans – how to find them?


Remember that an installment loan is not the same product as a loan – we wrote about it in this guide. Modern technologies have meant that you can easily find quick installment loans online – all you need is internet access on your computer, tablet or phone.

In the search you can use any search engine, entering the words: cheap installment loans, cheap installment loans or simply installment loans. However, it is worth using the portals functioning in the network offering the opportunity to compare offers, such as Good Finance.

Thanks to this, you will not have to err on the sides of individual loan companies, only in one place, you will find a list of the most attractive cheap installment loans offered by private capital companies (loan companies, parabanks, etc.).

The offer comparison engine, e.g. the one on the pages of the Good Finance portal, is structured in such a way that you can specify search criteria and take into account all payday loans, payday loans without BIK or the so-called free payday loans. You enter the loan amount and the loan repayment period online and then click find the best payday loan.

You will receive a list of monthly installment loans, which you can sort by installment amount, costs and amount to be repaid. Thanks to this, you will easily find a product that will meet your expectations – the cheapest installment loan is ideal for everyone.

Free payday loans – loans close to ideal


Most such companies offer loans for a short period of up to 30 days, although long-term loans can be found. The amount of liabilities incurred is also small, usually from 500 to 3000 USD, but there are companies offering larger amounts. In such cases, however, this involves the need to obtain information from the Credit Information Bureau, and sometimes also from Good Finance.

Free loans are attractive because their actual annual interest rate is (APRC) 0%. This means that if you take out a USD 1,000 loan, after a month you will have to pay back exactly the same – provided you do it on time!

Usually, however, only attractive installment loans with small amounts and short terms have such attractive conditions. If you take out a loan for 2 months, both the loan installment and its real costs can be completely different. Short loans from the APRC 0% are offered by the following companies:

Around 15 loan companies currently grant free loans of up to USD 3,000, but only one of them – Good Finance, for an additional payment of USD 10 – lends on such terms for 2 months. Others grant a loan on such terms only for a month.

When looking for the best installment loan, you can take advantage of professional advice and rankings available online – preferably those developed by independent experts, not paid by marketers. You can also search for information on forums, but avoid surreptitious advertising and look for the opinions of authentic borrowers.

Installment loans – expert summary Good Finance:


Before you sign the loan agreement, read it carefully and carefully read its terms. The so-called principle Free loans are simple: they are free only if they are repaid on time. Therefore, use them only if you are sure that you can give a certain amount on time, and borrow only as much as you need.

If you over-credit, you may have a problem with repayment on time, and then the loan company will add additional fees or you will be forced to extend the repayment date. Even the best loan, if it is not repaid, can be a bullet.

What can the payday loan debt collector do?

Late repayment of loans has serious consequences. In addition to charging penalty interest, the debtor must take into account the initiation of field debt recovery. Although the debt collector does not have equivalent rights to a court bailiff, his tasks include enforcing payment for a debt. What does debt collection look like and what does this mean for the debtor?

What is field debt recovery?

What is field debt recovery?

Borrowing for amounts significantly exceeding financial possibilities is connected with the risk of being unable to settle the debt. Unpaid payday loans and a lack of response to calls for repayment are associated with conducting field debt collection.

It consists of a visit of the debt collector to the debtor’s home or workplace and taking steps to enable the creditor to recover his debt. How long does debt collection begin? Often within 7-14 days, you can expect contact from the debt collector from the moment he accepted the order.

Debt recovery in practice

After exceeding the repayment date, the debtor must first take into account additional costs to the basic amount of payday payable. The next stage is sending the loan company a letter, SMS or e-mail. If this does not work, the debt is transferred to a debt collection company that tries to recover it using available methods.

If the on-site debt collection is unsuccessful, the case is referred to the court, which entails the initiation of proceedings. The most serious consequence of evading repayment is bailiff enforcement and seizure of the debtor’s assets.

What can and what cannot the debt collector?

What can and what cannot the debt collector?

The debt collector has much less competence than a court bailiff because he is not a government official. However, it is worth knowing what rights an employee of a debt collection company has, and what actions he cannot take against the debtor.

The debt collector’s visit must be announced and the debtor is not obliged to let him into the home. Can the debt collector take photos of the property?

Filming, recording conversations and taking photos is unacceptable and constitutes a violation of the powers of the debt collector. Do many people also have doubts about whether a loan company can take the equipment through recovery? Such actions are also unlawful unless bailiffs have been executed and the debtor’s assets have been auctioned.

In-app loan – 10 mobile banking applications in which you can take an online loan

Taking a cash loan does not have to involve the borrower having to visit a bank branch and submit a paper application thereon, and then sign a loan agreement. Modern technologies mean that banking and non-bank services, including the granting of loans and advances, are moving to the internet sphere.

We present 10 mobile banking applications where you can take out an online cash loan. How to do it and for whom such financial obligations are intended at all?

What are bank mobile applications?


Most bank customers treat online banking as a natural channel of access to their personal account and banking services. It facilitates quick contact with your bank, allows you to make online transfers or direct debits. Mobile banking is a competition, or rather a complement to online banking.

It can be said that banks’ mobile applications are nothing more than software that is used to carry out financial operations on their bank account, in the selected bank, without having to turn on the computer or physically visit the bank branch. The bank’s mobile application can be downloaded to a smartphone from the application store (App Store, Google Play) or from your bank’s website.

Before downloading the application, you must also select the operating system for which it is intended. Android and iOS applications are standard. After downloading and installing the program, the customer will be asked to activate it and assign a PIN number, which will be used to log into the bank account.

Summing up the last quarter of 2018, the Association of Polish Banks indicated that 8.7 million Poles use mobile banking. It is about active users, i.e. those who log in to the application at least once a month. Meanwhile, in the first quarter of 2018, only 6.2 million customers used the banks’ mobile applications.

The bank’s mobile application usually allows you to manage your account and perform various operations on it in a simple, intuitive way. In the banking application, you can check your account status, transaction history, make a transfer, open a deposit, buy insurance or even take a cash loan.

An online loan in the bank’s mobile application

An online loan in the bank

Bank’s advanced mobile applications allow you to take loans online. These are usually cash loans, but not always. What credit in the mobile application can you take out?

First of all, it is a cash loan in the amount even exceeding 100,000. USD. Online cash loans via a mobile application are offered by most banks. In addition, you can order a credit card in the program, run a revolving credit account, apply for an acceptable debit balance and installment loan.

In some cases, there is an option to start applying for a mortgage in the mobile application, but the customer verification process and conclusion of the contract are already carried out at the bank branch with an individual advisor.

Advantages and disadvantages of loans taken in the application

The convenience of taking loans in individual mobile applications is undoubtedly the advantage of this type of offer. However, it is not without flaws. The advantages of loans taken out in applications include:

  • speed and convenience of applying for cash loans and advances;
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan without leaving your home, directly to your bank account;
  • minimizing formalities related to the assessment of customer creditworthiness;
  • a simple loan application that can be completed in a short time;
  • simplified process of issuing credit decisions;
  • credit granting speed – even within a minute of submitting the loan application in the mobile application.

The disadvantages of such a solution include:

  • narrowed loan offer – usually only cash loans or cash loans are available, not e.g. a car loan or a mortgage loan;
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan only by those interested who already have a personal account in a given bank;
  • directing the offer of loans in mobile applications only to selected customers whose creditworthiness has already been calculated;
  • sometimes a limited amount of credit that you can apply for in the application.

Is borrowing through mobile applications safe?

Is borrowing through mobile applications safe?

As a rule, mobile applications of banks are secure and reliably protected against various attacks. They are updated on a regular basis and do not store confidential data in the cache. If the user forgets to log out of his bank application, after a few minutes of inactivity, the system will automatically end the session and log it out of the account.

Most often, mobile banking applications are equipped with two-level security levels. Sometimes they use biometric and other safeguards. For your own safety, you should stick to some important rules when using banking applications. Applications are downloaded only from official app stores or from the bank for the operating system.

Please be aware that programs outside official stores may pose a risk to our funds. It is in the interest of the user of the mobile application to regularly update the software on the smartphone, i.e. the operating system and programs, with the banking mobile application at the forefront.

A good solution is also to install anti-virus software on the phone, protect the device with a password, PIN or biometrics and not to use the public Wi-Fi network when using the bank’s mobile application. You can set limits for mobile transactions as a precaution.

Receive mail from the collection agency – What debtors should know

“Woe, you don’t pay!” Yes and? Collection agencies like to appear authoritarian. They speculate with the debtor’s fear that he would be impressed and still pay voluntarily. Anyone who receives mail from the collection agency should be able to classify it.

Who can conduct debt collection?

Who can conduct debt collection?

Only those who are registered with the competent authority (usually the regional courts are responsible, § 2 Legal Services Act) are allowed to offer and operate collection services. Only those who demonstrate suitability and reliability (no criminal records, orderly financial circumstances), who have passed a specialist examination and who have professional liability insurance, are registered. If the post originates from a foreign address, it can be assumed that these requirements are missing.

If you have any doubts, you can check the registration on the notice platform for out-of-court legal services or request proof of your registration from the collection agency.

Why is a debt collection agency commissioned?

Why is a debt collection agency commissioned?

If the debtor does not pay the debtor’s debt despite a reminder from the creditor, the creditor can apply to the court for a payment order or file a payment claim, or commission a debt collection agency or a lawyer to discharge the debtor. For cost reasons, the creditor will usually use the help of a collection agency for a claim that is undisputed on the part of the debtor or is titled by an enforcement order, court decision or notarial deed.
Collection agencies see their job as mediating between creditors and debtors. The debtor often lacks the courage to speak directly to the creditor. It can be helpful for both sides to reach a settlement through the collection agency.

How do collection agencies work?

How do collection agencies work?

The debt collection agency checks the creditworthiness of the debtor in advance by inspecting Credit Bureau and the debtor registers of the local courts, determines the current address by inquiring at the residents’ registration office and inspects commercial and commercial companies with registered traders and corporations. Especially when it comes to post-judicial processing of titled claims, debt collection agencies have extensive experience in the area of ​​enforcement. Organizationally, they are better equipped than lawyers to continuously examine the debtor’s income and financial situation until the expiry of the claim after 30 years, as well as all possibilities of enforcement.

When does the debtor default?

When does the debtor default?

The debtor has to bear the costs of using a collection agency as default damage. Delay is deemed to exist if the creditor specifies a payment deadline or has indicated to the debtor in the invoice that the claim is due after 30 days at the latest (§ 286 BGB). The creditor then no longer needs to warn the debtor.

Can the creditor always use a collection agency?

Can the creditor always use a collection agency?

The creditor must avoid unnecessary costs and, in view of his duty to mitigate damages, must not commission a collection agency if the debtor has raised objections to the claim and it is not expected that he will pay the claim without using the court. In principle, collection costs are only reimbursable up to the amount of legal fees. If the debtor denies the claim, the creditor must already use a lawyer for the out-of-court reminder. This is to be understood in the context that debt collection agencies are not authorized to represent the creditor in legal disputes, except for the application for a warning and enforcement order.

What are the costs of the debtor?

What are the costs of the debtor?

The cost estimate should be limited to the calculation of a 0.65 fee according to the fee table for lawyers. For items up to 500 USD, this results in 45 USD, plus a flat rate for post and telecommunications of 20 percent of the net fee, up to 20 USD.

The frequently used calculation of administration fees, bank fees or personnel costs is not justified. Added to this are the creditor’s default interest. Costs for obtaining information from the Residents’ Registration Office are only justified if there are doubts about the debtor’s whereabouts.

How to react when mail comes from the collection agency?

How to react when mail comes from the collection agency?

Collection mail is to be taken seriously. The justification of the claim (limitation?) And its amount must be checked in advance. The debtor should contact the debt collection agency. In view of possibly difficult economic conditions, he can try to agree a payment arrangement. If he does not respond, he runs the risk of the collection agency applying for a payment order, which is associated with additional costs and ultimately enables enforcement. If the creditor had concluded a Credit Bureau agreement with the debtor, the entry of the measure into Credit Bureau is also possible. If the debtor agrees to make a partial payment, he must know that he is acknowledging the claim and interrupting the limitation period. In case of doubt, the debtor should use legal aid and, if necessary, take advantage of state advice or legal aid.