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Working with Morgan’s Place was an absolute pleasure. From the moment I was introduced to the Founder and President of the rescue, Pearson Marx, I knew we were in good hands. Adopting a dog was not a decision we planned on entering in to lightly, and Pearson was there to answer each and every question of ours along the way (and we had many!) Now, 6 months later…and we couldn’t imagine our lives without Dougie. We are so grateful to Pearson and her team at Morgan’s Place, and will remain enthusiastic supporters of their mission!

– Jenna & David


 My family adopted “Peaches”  in August 2014 and our life changed forever…we are in LOVE!  Morgan’s Place found us the perfect dog and went above and beyond making sure the placement was ideal and that we, and Peaches, were all happy.  They even sent a wonderful dog behaviorist to our home, free of charge, to ensure that our other dog and Peaches were doing well together (they can’t live without each other now!).  Peaches adores our young children, our cat, other dog, and all people; and Morgan’s Place knew all of this about Peaches and were able to ensure our adoption would be perfect.  They truly know what they are doing in the rescue process and have saved countless perfect dogs!  We can’t say enough about Teresa and the entire organization.  When we adopt again it will be with Morgan’s Place.  We can NOT imagine our lives without our Peach!

-Love, Amanda


The pit bull was already my favorite breed of dog when I heard that a foster was needed immediately for a gentle pittie named—are you ready?—Gandhi! I put my elderly yellow Lab in the car and drove the half hour to Morgan’s Place to meet him. He was in a room with several volunteers. I saw a beautiful boy, mostly white with some black patches, investigate the room and its occupants in a thoughtful, quiet way. I remember thinking: He’s calm; he’s comfortable. When he met my Lab, he was respectful and sweet, so I agreed to take Gandhi home and foster him…the next morning, I phoned Morgan’s Place and asked them to send adoption papers instead. My Lab and I had spent a blissful night with the darling gentleman. Since I first brought him home more than a year ago, Gandhi has been an endearing ambassador for the breed as well as the most charming, snuggly companion. He has brought me immeasurable happiness, and it is an ongoing joy to return that happiness in kind.

-Amy Hempel

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Me and my husband, as a first time dog owners, wanted to have a chance to live with the dog before we made a decision to adopt, in order to see if it was the right fit for us. Morgans Place is one of a very few rescue groups that allows and encourages you to do that. Fostering process was amazingly easy and they set us up with everything we needed to get us started…since we didn’t have a clue…Mic loves people, dogs, all his food and toys. He doesn’t discriminate against anybody….I’ve spent some time on training him and now he can do things like climb up a vertical ladder, search for his toys and treats around the house, and play hide and seek. I can only thank Morgan’s Place for bringing Mic into our life and always being there for us when we needed help, even after the adoption was through.

-Thank you again!!
Love, Monika, Martin and Mic

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We adopted our wonderful dog Ted through Morgan’s Place back in January, and we were amazed at their endless support and tireless dedication in making sure it was the right fit both for him and for our family. They made sure everything went smoothly, and consistently checked in to provide anything we needed. We were referred to them by our vet, which says a lot about the organization and the integrity of their work. The care with which Pearson Marx and Morgan’s Place approaches their vision is unmatched, and we are so grateful that they brought Ted into our lives!

-The Burger Family

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Autumn (August) is without a doubt the most amazing dog ever! We are so in love with her. She is super smart and funny and just fantastic! Everyone that comes in contact with her loves her and asks how we came about getting her. I tell them about you guys and how fantastic you were with the super quick adoption and that you were just great! She even got my niece and nephew who were afraid of dogs to fall madly in love with her. They are 6yr and 3yr and I randomly get mail from them to Autumn. Generally, little pictures that they make for her. Autumn is spoiled and we are good with that! Dog park and hikes and trips all week 🙂 My older daughter who works for a pet sitting company recently rescued a pit mix and is Autumn’s BFF. To watch them is ridiculous. Autumn is like the older sister who teaches the younger how she should behave and because I am positive she is border collie mix because she herds Lu and makes sure she doesn’t go to far. I really don’t know how we got so lucky but we are super thankful to have her in our family.
Thank you again from the bottom of my family’s heart for finding the perfect match for us!

-The Comunale Family

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We adopted Sofee in July, a perfectly loveable Husky mix puppy. Sofee became Tosca before we even made it home to Long Island! She has been the perfect addition to our growing family. Our daughter just turned seven months old, and has been running around in her walker for months and just started crawling. Tosca is a perfect angel, and they’ve quickly become best friends. They spend hours of the day playing together. Tosca likes to share her toys and food with the baby a little too much, but it’s really very sweet! I feel entirely comfortable with their relationship, and I would even go as far to say that Tosca is an extension of myself when it comes to supervising. We are so grateful to have found her. She’s been everything we could have imagined.

-Tomi Lee

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My story began with a friend referring me to Morgan’s Place to inquire about their rescue dogs. I contacted Teresa to get more information on the available dogs and how the process worked. From the moment I spoke to her, I knew she would help find us the perfect dog…we took our dog Lola to have a play date with a few of the current rescues that might be a good fit for us. While playing with the rescues Lola had the most fun with Leo, a 2 year old Coonhound. We decided Leo was the dog for us and after completing the application process, we brought Leo home a few days later…the adoption process was handled so wonderfully by Morgan’s Place that when we decided to expand our family once again we reached out to Morgan’s Place. Next in to our lives came Roxy, a sweet tempered puppy who had been rescued from a dumpster with her siblings…now we had 3 dogs who got along great. This was due to the process of Morgan’s Place finding the right dog for our family. Most would think that 3 dogs is enough but we have a great set up at our home and plenty of land to accommodate more so we decided to add 1 more. Again, we reached out to Morgan’s Place and Teresa helped find some great puppies that she thought would work. She brought them over to have a play date with our dogs and it turned out that 2 of the puppies got along great with our 3. Yes, we ended up adopting them both for a total of 5! One of the puppies was very young and full of energy-a fun lab mix named Koko. The second puppy, Roscoe, was troubled and needed a lot of love. Roscoe, like our other rescues has turned out to be an amazing dog. I think we are the current record holders of adoption from Morgan’s Place so I feel very confident in writing a recommendation for them. Throughout the entire process Teresa has been there for us providing guidance and support. Adding a rescue dog to your life is an experience that everyone should have… Morgan’s Place will help guide you through the process treating every situation uniquely and finding you the perfect dog.


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One Saturday, I was searching Pet finder and I found Morgan’s Place. I was instantaneously drawn to Bonnie…she had a smile on her face even though she had a tough start to her life…the adoption process was thorough and painless…when we pulled up to Morgan’s Place we were happy to know that these dogs are kept in a home with people who love them as if they were there own…Bonnie came out and my heart melted, I was immediately in love…we have had Bonnie, now named Belle, for two weeks and she has only stolen our hearts. She is fully house trained, crate trained, great with other dogs, and wonderful with strangers. Everyone in our neighborhood comments on how well behaved and happy our girl is…we cannot thank Holly, Rob, and Morgan’s Place dog rescue enough for bringing Belle into our lives. We are so happy with our choice to adopt from a rescue that truly cares for the animals they bring in. I would recommend Morgan’s Place to anyone.

-All the best, Jess and Max

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