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Entrepreneurs Leigh Isaacson, Sterling Davis and Nathan Kehn took their Tabby business to the sharks on “Shark Tank” to see if they could get one of the sharks to invest in their business on the October 29, 2021 episode of the hit ABC show.

The The episode’s synopsis revealed, “A trio of entrepreneurs from New Orleans, Louisiana showcase their dating tool that helps cat lovers find their perfect match.”

The entrepreneurs introduced their business to Sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec and guest Shark Nirav Tolia, founder of Nextdoor.

Here’s what you need to know about Tabby on “Shark Tank”:

1. Tabby was founded after Nathan and Sterling were both rejected for having cats

Tabby is promoting itself as “the dating app for cats,” the company’s website reveals. There are 17 million single cat owners in the United States, Leigh Isaacson revealed in “Shark Tank.” Nathan “The Cat Lady” Kehn (pictured above) is the Tabby brand manager and director of cat integration at Tabby Dates, and he said, “People always give people who have a bad name. cats. Call them Crazy Cat ladies because they are so devoted to their cats. Honestly, I would love to find someone who is as dedicated in a relationship as cat owners are to their cats.

Sterling “Trap King” Davis is the Tabby brand manager of Tabby Dates and the director of nonprofit integration and rescue, and he said, “Guys like me have crazy dating issues. ‘ve had women who abandoned me. Like the date was amazing, we go to my place, but then they see my cat Rick James come out and they want to leave. I have been through this so many times – Tabby is something that breaks those stereotypes.

Leigh Isaacson of Tabby Dates, CEO of Tabby Dates, is also the founder of Dig, the Dog Person dating app, and has a dog named Sonny. Dig, according to tonight’s “Shark Tank”, is in acquisition talks with a dog food company. During the years that Leigh was digging a building, she heard from many cat owners. “There are no places like dog parks for cats to meet.” She also said there was a stigma around cats.

2. The tabby dates launched on International Cat Day

Tabby Dates’ was launched on August 8, 2020, which is officially International Cat Day. In an interview with the New York Post, Leigh Isaacson said, “If you could get right to the point with something that really matters to you, that alone is helpful. [in a dating app]Leigh Isaacson, co-founder of Tabby, told The Post. Its dating app is also for people willing to “find the love of mankind.”

They started after winning the Million-Dollar Dating Project, a $ 50,000 grant from a company that builds pre-made dating platforms, Leigh revealed on “Shark Tank.”

Isaacson also said, “Pets are so much more than what a lot of other niche dating apps offer.” She is not wrong. Pet Business revealed the results of a recent poll that found 68% of Americans would defer to their pets in a relationship – meaning if their partner didn’t get along with their pet, the human will have the weight, not the furry friend. Additionally, 71% of those surveyed said they trust their animal’s judgment of human character more than theirs.

The original idea for the app (which, sorry cat lovers, was the dog version, arose out of the dating drama of Isaacson’s sister, Casey. Casey told Leigh, “She’s the one who m ‘Said: Wasn’t going to work because of the dog,’ The New York Post reported.

3. Tabby Dates has 50,000 members

Since the launch of Tabby Dates on August 8, 2020, the app has gathered 50,000 cat loving users looking for a “cutting edge lifestyle.” In an interview with NOLA.com, Leigh Isaacson said, “When you’re dating, thinking about the type of lifestyle you want to lead and involving animals, a dating app is about pet care too. No matter what happens in “Shark Tank” we are happy to tell the world that we are not kittens. We’re here to help cats find love.

On the other hand, Isaacson’s other application – Dig, the dog people one – has more than 250,000 members. However, he’s been around since 2017. Isaacson told the outlet (My Sister) was dating a guy who was trying to be a dog to her, but when the relationship ended he didn’t want his Cavapoo in the apartment. . She said: “I wish I had known from the start that it wouldn’t work because of my dog.”

Isaacson knows that animal-centric dating apps work. She revealed to NOLA.com that she met her husband via Dig, long before the official launch, and that they adopted a dog together. On the Dig and Tabby dates, there are profiles of people and their pets. Both apps also list date ideas that may include pets. And if a romantic bond is not found, perhaps an excellent cat or dog sitter will be, the outlet reported.

4. ‘Shark Tank’ approached tabby dates about coming on the show

In an unusual turn of events, Tabby Dates was approached by ‘Shark Tank’ to appear on the show, not the other way around, NOLA.com reported. “The Bachelorette’s” Katie Thurston spoke about Tabby Dates on her social media. Thurston has a cat named Tommy whom she adores via her Instagram.

Typically, the application process for “Shark Tank” aims to test the courage and determination of entrepreneurs. Applicants can submit an application via email or attend an open casting for “Shark Tank”. In either case, all applicants must first complete the 17-page application form. Oh, and by the way, it’s a handwritten app.

In addition to expected things like your business name, plan, profits, and how long you’ve been in business, the app also doubles as a background check to learn about restraining orders, felony convictions, and other potential skeletons in your closet.

5. Meet the team behind the tabby dates

Tabby Dates’ was founded by Leigh Isaacson and her sister Casey Isaacson. Leigh is the CEO. She has been a television journalist and has a Masters in Homeland Security, Terrorism and Emergency Response. After founding Dig (also with her sister), she was named one of the 24 Most Influential People in the Dating Industry in the World, All Products on Shark Tank revealed.

Casey is a Creative Director and Art Director in the trade advertising industry. She has worked on campaigns for Peloton, Virgin Atlantic and American Express among others. She holds a BFA from the Pratt Institute and lives in New York City, her website has revealed.

Nathan “The Cat Lady” Kehn is the Brand Director of Tabby Dates. The store reported that he had four cats. He is an actor, model and animal influencer from North Hollywood, California. He is also the person who does most of the television and radio interviews for Tabby Dates.

Sterling “Trap King” Davis is Tabby Dates’ other brand manager. He’s a former rapper who gave up that career to work at the Atlanta Humane Society, All Products on Shark Tank reported. He also started the non-profit TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions to humane trapping stray cats, spaying and chipping them and bringing feral cats back to where they were found while trying to find homes for the felines. the most sympathetic. On “Shark Tank,” Sterling said you won’t find another black man so involved in rescuing cats.

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