Beloved pet rescue expands its mission to help animals


RADCLIFF, Ky. — A beloved pet shelter in Hardin County is growing, thanks to a local businesswoman with a passion for animals.

What do you want to know

  • Forever Homes for Paws more than doubles its space
  • The pet shelter also serves as daycare, boarding and grooming for pets
  • Founder Toshie Murrell estimates the nonprofit has facilitated around 1,000 adoptions since she launched it from her real estate office in 2015
  • The rescue will hold its annual PAWS United Pet Expo on Saturday, April 23

Toshie Murrell started Forever Homes for Paws in 2015 from his Network Realty office on Dixie Highway.

She was inspired to help animals after a mission trip to Honduras. As she helped people in need, she noticed that no one was doing anything for the stray and hungry dogs in the area. She returned to Kentucky and quickly got to work.

For the first year, Murrell housed dogs in the office until she could buy a former child care center space to convert into a pet shelter.

The association has grown a lot since then. Murrell estimates that around 1,000 pets have been adopted by the nonprofit. It also serves as a daycare, boarding house and pet grooming facility.

“It’s actually a great combination,” Murrell explained. “A lot of our boarders, our groom dogs, our daycare dogs are from here as a rescue that was adopted by pet parents who were already coming here for daycare or boarding and then they saw them and said, ‘I could try them.'”

Murrell and his team are more than doubling the size of their facility from 3,600 square feet to 7,600 square feet. Murrell estimates the total cost of the expansion at around $450,000.

Murrell’s goal is not only to help animals but also their owners.

“We have looked after a lot of people in the community who are low income, disabled or just especially during COVID. Finances were tight, but their pet was sick,” Murrell explained.

To raise funds for the shelter and educate other pets in the area, Forever Homes for Paws is hosting its annual PAWS United Pet Expo in Radcliff on Saturday, April 23.

The Pet Expo will feature ten different pet rescues from multiple counties. Animals will be up for adoption, and Nolin River Wildlife will also be on hand with its well-known ambassador, Boone the raccoon, who uses a wheelchair. An assortment of vendors will also have booths for those browsing the exhibit.

PAWS United Pet Expo will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET Saturday at 2855 Centennial Ave. at Radcliff. Organizers ask for either a monetary donation or a donation of pet food or kitty litter for entry.

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