Brooklyn Dog Rescue Mission saves 27 people from neglect – NBC New York


More than two dozen dogs were rescued this week from “disgusting conditions” at a Brooklyn home where many animals were reportedly denied access to food or clean water.

The ASPCA entered the Bed-Stuy home Thursday at the request of the NYPD to rescue 27 dogs and began providing the animals with immediate treatment. Veterinary and behavioral experts examined the long-neglected dogs.

“Upon arriving at the property, it was clear that these animals needed to be immediately removed from the filthy environment in which they lived so that they could receive much needed medical attention and care,” said David Little, agent. ASPCA’s primary law enforcement liaison.

The ASPCA said many animals will need time to bounce back. Recovery teams found some of the dogs in crates covered in feces and urine, while others were in the basement of the building without access to adequate ventilation.

Some of the animals suffered from dehydration and were underweight, according to a statement from the ASPCA and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office. Vets began treating the animals for ear and skin infections, overgrown nails and dirty hair “with fecal stains and a strong smell of urine”.

“We have zero tolerance for animal neglect in Brooklyn and I am grateful to our partners at the ASPCA and NYPD for their hard work in saving these victimized dogs from the supposedly squalid conditions where they suffered in cramped cages with no food or clean water,” Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said.

Officers arrested Jason Nunez, 27, who faces 28 counts of failing to sustain and failing to provide proper food and drink to an impounded animal. Information about Nunez’s attorney was not immediately known.

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