Corpus Christi dog rescue group saves furry family from high shelter, donations needed


Elsa gave birth to her nine puppies on February 15th, and now Faith and Hope Rescue’s rescuers have covered all of the medical expenses for Elsa and her nine puppies.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – A united effort by a local dog rescue group has saved a mother and her nine puppies.

According to volunteers, a stray animal that was picked up from the streets of Corpus Christi named Elsa has entered animal care in terrible condition.

Rescuers had no idea what life Elsa lived, but rescuers said she needed treatment.

Local lawyer Vicki Pieper said Elsa tested positive for heartworms, had skin problems and was heavily pregnant.

Elsa was on the euthanasia list, and she and her nine puppies were rescued by a foster family who stepped in to get Elsa out of the animal shelter and into a warm home to give birth.

“She gave birth in foster care a week later. She has a skin problem and has to return to the vet on Thursday,” Pieper said.

Elsa gave birth to her nine puppies on February 15, and now Faith and Hope Rescue has taken care of all of Elsa and her litter’s medical bills.

Now rescuers need good quality puppy food or cash donations for additional veterinary care.

Faith and Hope Rescue organized a Paypal account where the community can donate money for the animal care of Elsa and her puppies.

The Faith and Hope Help Site is also another way for people to donate money for the vet bills the puppies have racked up.

You can also call 361-215-8775 to set up a pickup time for any puppy food or cash you wish to donate, and one of the lifeguards can easily come to your home.

“Once the puppies are fully vetted and old enough, they will be put up for adoption out of the Pacific Northwest state. They are then transported to loving homes,” Pieper added.

Pieper says it costs around $ 125 to fully examine a puppy, so cash donations are graciously accepted.

If you prefer to donate directly to the vet, you can donate to Everhart Animal Hospital under Faith and Hope for Elsa and her puppies. The Everhart Animal Hospital phone number is 361-854-1439 for all inquiries.

Many people are unaware that Animal Care Services, located on Holly Rd., Is a refuge for high-mortality animals under Texas law.

Often times, people automatically think of taking dogs and cats they find on the streets to Corpus Christi Animal Care Services in Holly, not realizing that stray animals are held three days before they are euthanized.

The animals in Corpus Christi Animal Care Services rely heavily on rescuers who generously give of their time and energy to prevent dogs from being euthanized on a weekly basis.

Rescuers are urging people to use tools like Facebook, the Ring app and other websites to try to find an animal owner first, before taking them to animal control.

Corpus Christi animal care service workers are working with rescuers to try to find foster families, rescue groups and loving families for the animals at the shelter. Workers will also extend the detention for animals on the euthanasia list.

There are currently over 40 puppies and 100 dogs in Animal Care Services located on Holly Rd. Who are also in need of donated puppy food, blankets and toys. Corpus Christi Animal Care Services does not accept monetary donations, according to rescuers.

“The mission of Corpus Christi Animal Care Services and Vector Control is to promote responsible pet ownership, prevent the spread of animal diseases, and protect the public by seizing stray animals that are harmful to the public. CCACS strives to provide temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless people. animals, and to maintain a vigorous relocation program to include medical screening, vaccinations and sterilization, ”said animal care and service officials.

The community can visit Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, located at 2626 Holly Rd., Seven days a week from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for pet adoptions.

For more information on how you can adopt a pet from the animal shelter, call 361-826-4630.

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