Couple drives hours to save dog on the brink of death in video seen 16 million times


A TikToker captured the hearts of viewers after sharing the last member of her and her husband’s family: an Australian Shepherd who once belonged to her grandfather. One clip in particular, showing the rescue of the dog, went massively viral on the app, racking up over 16 million views and 3 million likes.

In the video, found here, Ashton – known on the app as @repulsivelyflamboyant – explained that her grandfather died of COVID-19. Soon after, he and his husband “found out he had a dog” that was going to “fall”.

The incident speaks to an often overlooked aspect of the pandemic: the pets that are left behind when their owners become seriously ill or die. As one notes New York Times article from the first months of the pandemic: “Animal owners who died of the virus left behind dogs, guinea pigs and cats, at least one of which starved to death before anyone checked the owner’s apartment . “

Far from being specific to New York City, COVID-19 has forced pet owners across the country to think about what could happen to their beloved pets if they contract a severe case of the virus.

After learning of the existence of his grandfather’s dog and of plans for him to be shot, the couple “crossed the state to save him.”

According to The Dodo, Ashton and his grandfather had lost sight of each other for the past few years, but that didn’t stop him from making the three-hour journey to retrieve the dog.

“There was no way we were going to adopt him – my husband had wanted a dog for a while, and we had just started. [to] host family and I was about to start volunteering at PAWS to try and find a new friend, ”Ashton told The Dodo. let him be shot. “

“He’s an Australian Shepherd and extremely overweight,” Ashton said in the viral clip, “but beyond that we don’t know his past.” The footage showed the puppy walking on a leash and sitting in his new home. “Welcome home, my sweet boy! Now it’s time to go on a diet [and] change of activity as soon as possible. “

Viewers were touched by the story and quickly got involved in the dog, which Ashton and her husband decided to name Oat Milk Latte. The couple kept the TikTok community updated on Oat Milk’s progress in their new home, sharing footage of their first bath and haircut, as well as sadder moments, as they mourn the loss of their home. and its former owner.

“Although he’s very, very nice, he’s definitely in mourning,” Ashton added, addressing The Dodo. “Every day that we’ve had him now he’s getting a little better, but it’s a process. Losing someone is difficult, especially for dogs. They depend on us for everything.”

News week contacted Ashton for further comment.

A couple drove for hours to save a loved one’s Australian Shepherd before he was shot. An Australian Shepherd in Birmingham, England, 2017.
Shirlaine Forrest / WireImage / Getty Images

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