Firefighters rescue man and dog trapped in burning building


In the early morning of Tuesday, April 19, Travis County Emergency Services District No. 2 firefighters rescued a man and his dog who were trapped on the third floor during a raging fire at an apartment building in Wells Branch apartments. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they found heavy smoke coming from the third floor and rushed to the rescue.

Source: Pflugerville Fire Department/Facebook

ESD2 firefighters rescued the man and his dog with a ladder leading to the third story window. The occupant underwent a health assessment but fortunately did not require medical attention. The blaze was brought under control by crews and fire trucks at the scene, rescuers said in a Facebook post.

Travis County ESD No. 2 said there were no casualties, however, the fire damaged 24 units – six of which suffered direct damage and 12 lost power.

Long ladder leaning against the house

Source: Pflugerville Fire Department/Facebook

ESD #2 said the cause of the fire was being investigated by the fire marshal.

“We are pleased to report that there were no casualties in the fire that occurred last night at Churchill Crossing Apartments,” said ESD Fire Chief Nick Perkins. No 2, said in a press release. “With the quick actions of the firefighters, the help of law enforcement, we were able to quickly evacuate all the tenants and their four-legged friends from the building.”

Fire truck next to the house

Source: Pflugerville Fire Department/Facebook

Perkins said the department has created a hazard reduction plan, which will ensure that all smoke and CO2 detectors in homes in the district that are over ten years old are still working. Luckily, the man who was rescued was woken up by his fire alarm and ultimately saved his life and that of his dog!

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