Goldendoodle injured in ‘freak accident’ looking for new home


BOSTON — A young Goldendoodle named Ned who is recovering from a “freak accident” will soon need a forever family.

The 2-year-old was seriously injured earlier this month and is now recovering at MSPCA-Angell’s adoption center in Boston.

“Ned was happily running through his garden on June 2 when tragedy struck: he rammed straight into a retaining wall with enough speed to cause a traumatic spinal injury,” the MSPCA said in a statement.

Ned’s former family could not treat his injuries and handed him over to the shelter. The MSPCA is looking for a family that has a close relationship with a veterinarian as the dog will likely need follow-up care.

Ned is said to be active with a “sunny disposition” and good with children. He better be the only high energy dog ​​in a house and needs quiet and rest to heal his wounds.

Goldendoodles are a rare breed in shelters. Anyone interested in adopting Ned can apply online at

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