“He was tortured, he was severely abused”, animal rescue group raises funds to help injured dog


UPDATE: Hercules the dog now has a foster home of his own as he recovers from an operation.

The dog was first found injured with a broken tail and lost an ear.

Thanks to generous donations from the community, many of her medical expenses were covered.

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A local animal rescue group is hoping to save the life of an injured dog, recently found with all signs of being used as a bait dog for fighting.

Workers in an industrial area not far from the Las Vegas Strip discovered the bloodied and beaten dog paralyzed in an abandoned car seat.

Vegas Pet Rescue Project volunteers transported the dog to Warm Hearts Pet Hospital for life-saving treatment.

Photo credit: Vegas Pet Rescue Project

“He was starving, he was tortured, he was severely ill-treated,” said Dr Inna Goncharov, owner of Warm Hearts Pet Hospital. “He was in really bad shape, his face so swollen couldn’t open his eyes
his ears are badly damaged.

His body was ravaged by an infection, and it is suspected that he was a bait dog because his ears were nearly chewed up, dehydrated and underweight.

Photo credit: Vegas Pet Rescue Project

X-rays revealed a screw in his stomach, and the dog is found to be deaf.

“So he couldn’t even hear who was attacking him or understand why,” said Tina Hayes of Project Vegas Pet Rescue.

His rescuers believe the young albino pit bull likely suffered long-term abuse and then was dumped.

Hayes said the dog was found with the type of collar typically used to chain a bait dog.

The dog is now resting and responding to care. He was named Hercules in the hope that his strength would help him survive.

It will be a long road to recovery. The association appreciates prayers and donations.

If you would like to help donate to Hercules, you can do so by donating directly to Warm Hearts Pet Hospital by clicking HERE.

After the surgery, Hercules has now found a foster home as he recovers.

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