Is this hi-tech smart collar the ‘ultimate’ gadget for dog owners?


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Is this Fi smart collar the ultimate gadget for dog owners?

It might sound like a bold statement, but his CV is already pretty solid. The Fi Series 2, the latest in its line of high-tech puppy products, is literally like a Fitbit or an Apple Watch for dogs.

Credit: Fi

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This thing does it all. It has GPS tracking, an ‘escape detection’ feature that lets you know if your dog is running away, and a glowing LED bulb to help you find your four-legged friend in it. darkness.

Then there are the fitness features, including a comprehensive app dedicated to tracking your puppy’s sleep and walking schedule, so you can always make sure he’s staying healthy.

On top of that, he’s fundamentally indestructible. It’s waterproof, has a three-month non-stop battery life, and can withstand up to 300 pounds of tensile strength.

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So it’s easy to see why this necklace went viral on TikTok and was even named one of the Times best inventions of 2021.

Yet there is a difference between reading something and actually trying it. Luckily, the cool folks over at Fi were kind enough to send In The Know a necklace so we could try it on for ourselves. To see how our pets – and their humans – liked the collar, watch the clip above or continue reading below.

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Is the Fi Smart Collar working well?

In trying out this gadget, our first task was to find the perfect puppy for the job.

Fortunately, this editor has a lot of wonderful dogs in his life, including the star of our collar test video, Yogi.

Credit: In The Know

Credit: In The Know

Yogi and his human, Nick, both agreed to help us with this video. To do this, Yogi wore his new smart collar for two consecutive weeks, while Nick used the Fi app to keep tabs on his sleep, fitness, location and more.

At the end of our trial period, we asked Nick what he thought of the necklace. First of all, he used the app to keep an eye on Yogi when he was not at home – the collar has super-precise GPS that shows exactly where your puppy is at all times.

He also used it to track Yogi’s physical form. During a walk or a day in the park, the app would automatically notify Nick when Yogi had done the right amount of exercise in a day (each dog’s fitness suggestions are unique to their age, weight and breed, which you can add to their biography in the app).

In the end, Nick preferred the GPS feature and found fitness and sleep tracking a little less important. That said, he did recognize that different types of dogs – and people – might want to keep tabs on these stats.

Meanwhile, Yogi seemed very impressed with the necklace. Even if he couldn’t literally reviewed the gadget, he looked happy and energized as he ran into the park to show it off.

So, is the Fi smart collar worth it? Ultimately, it depends on what type of dog you have – and what kind of relationship you have with him. If you travel a lot or have a job that prevents you from entering your home, it is certainly worth having peace of mind. If your dog likes to run away, that also makes a big difference.

And of course, if you’re worried about your dog’s exercise or sleep schedule, the Fi app is the perfect way to get work done. Plus, just as importantly, the necklaces are really, really cute.

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