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Some of our pets swing fluffy tails that swish, some have twitching noses, others say “ribbit” over and over and over again, and many of our favorite pets flaunt an array of fabulous feathers.

In short, pets aren’t a “one size fits all” category, and just about every human can name an animal they adore best, from frogs to snakes to puppies to cats to birds. and beyond.

But when it comes to creating celebratory occasions that shine a light on the lovers who share our homes, there’s one day that’s big enough for all the critters: it’s April 11, or National Animal Day. company, if you will.

Of course, you might prefer to celebrate your rabbit or hamster or horse or lizard on their birthday, or on a day specific to their breed or gender (indeed, there are national holidays for many animals, from World Turtle Day on May 23 to the national holiday Guinea Pig Day on July 16).

But April 11 surely deserves a good nod, and making time for your turtle or adoring your dog seems like the right thing to do (although you surely make time for your best friends every day of the year). .

Are you hoping to add a creature to your frame? Let National Pet Day be your inspiration. There are many places looking to house cute bunnies, rodents, dogs and felines, from rescue groups to LA Animal Services.

LA Animal Services also offers a host of programs to help pet owners, with events like the Rabbit Roundtable taking place on April 20.

What’s next, on the last day of April 2022, at the Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in Playa Vista? There’s a Critter Companion adoption event, an event that puts the focus on fur and feathers on a host of adorable animals, from birds to reptiles.

From meows and squeals to croaks and hisses, pets hold our hearts, on April 11 and every other day too.

Turning to the many animal support organizations in our area for free classes, adoption events and great advice is as easy as cuddling our creature up close, all to share a little sweetness with the sweetheart who rules our world.

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