Rescuers use a tablespoon to rescue tiny goslings from a pipe


On Saturday April 30, a nice group of people rescued a trio of baby geese using kitchen utensils! The rescue was reported by Port Coquitlam councilwoman Laura Dupont, who witnessed the effort and shared photos on her Facebook page.

Priya Singh and her partner were passing as they walked their dog along Dominion Avenue near Carnoustie Golf Club when they noticed a mother goose and 10 goslings wandering around in circles. Singh could tell something was wrong because the geese chose not to flee the area.

“It’s a big site, a big property, and they were just walking around,” Singh said.

After taking a closer look, they discovered that three baby goslings were stuck in a pipe and needed help. Singh called Dupont, his mother-in-law, and hoped she could send the help of a city employee. Singh also called her friend Jane Thomsing, who previously worked with the Colony Farm Regional Park Association. Singh hoped Thomsing would know how to help babies safely.

“We wanted to know if we were touching babies if they would be accepted by their mothers,” Singh said.

A baby goose was picked up, and it looked a bit shocked, Singh said. “He wasn’t moving,” she recalls.

Fortunately, the town worker managed to remove the plug from the pipe and, using the soup ladle, managed to catch the two remaining goslings. Once the baby geese were placed on the ground, they all ran to their mother’s safety in a heartwarming reunion.

“My heart wouldn’t let me go,” Singh said.

Thanks to the Singhs and the many others who stepped up to help, it was a successful rescue effort!

It’s baby bird season. If you happen to find an injured bird or animal. It is best to contact professionals. For more information on wildlife rescue, contact or, which relies on donations to rehabilitate injured wildlife.

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