Stray Dog Continues To Be Neglected In Kennels For Being An ‘Unwanted Breed’


Three-year-old Arthur continues to be neglected at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Nottinghamshire, because he’s a lurcher, but he just needs someone to give him the chance he deserves

He is looking for a new home

He came to the rescue as a “very hungry wanderer” who didn’t know what it was like to be loved.

And now he’s looking for an owner who can show him just that.

Lurcher Arthur is currently staying at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Nottinghamshire, but is ready to move in with his new family.

The three-year-old continues to be overlooked because he’s not a “desirable breed” and struggles to get anyone’s attention.

A statement, written in Arthur’s voice, read: “I was a very hungry wanderer, but now I’m grateful for the warm bed, full stomach and hugs from the staff.

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He can live with another dog


Jerry Green Dog Rescue)

He needs an owner who is home most of the day


Jerry Green Dog Rescue)

“I love playing with toys, especially stuffed animals – they’re my favourite! My friends here say I’m the cuddliest boy ever, I can’t get enough of them.”

He is looking for an owner who spends most of his day at home because he does not want to stay too long while settling in.

Although he can live with another dog, Arthur cannot be placed in a home with smaller pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

He can live with children who are in key stage three or more.

The statement adds: “I’m looking for a home where I can be someone’s best friend.

“I’m a nice boy who doesn’t take up as much space as you might think! I’m all legs. I can be shy at first, I’m a big glutton so I’ll be back soon.

“I love zooming around in the garden so I would really like to have my own space to play in. I have long legs so I will need a 6ft fence to protect me.”

Jerry Green Dog Rescue has been transforming the lives of abandoned and unwanted dogs for nearly 60 years.

Founded by dog ​​lover Jerry Green, the rescue center opened its first location in North Lincolnshire in 1961.

Since then three more sites have opened – one in South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

This allows dogs to move to each site if they are unable to secure their forever home upon initial placement.

A spokeswoman said: “All dogs deserve a good life and a safe, loving home. We exist to provide a safe place for homeless dogs and to find new places for them to live.”

They uphold the motto: “Once a Jerry Green dog, always a Jerry Green dog.”

If you would like to adopt Arthur or any other dog from Jerry Green Dog Rescue, call their team on 01623 792886 or email them via

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