Teen Cowboy Uses Lasso To Save Scared Blind Dog


Kelsey Schumacher was leading a group of would-be lifeguards in a rural Iowa field until something unexpected happened. After many hours, they still hadn’t found the blind and injured dog they were looking for. The young black dog was visibly scared whenever a member of the rescue team got too close. After many attempts, Schumacher finally had the brilliant idea of ​​using a form of long-range rescue.

The dog was near a busy highway, so they were under pressure to act quickly and get the dog to safety.

That’s how a 15-year-old cowboy named Will on the back of an ATV lassoed the dog and allowed other rescuers to gently capture him in a humane cage. The pup finally received the medical attention it needed.

Heart Animal Rescue posted continuous updates on Facebook and shared Will’s journey to recovery.

Although Will has many health checks ahead of him, he is getting stronger every day. X-rays revealed he had an injured hock joint and bullet fragments in one of his hind legs, according to the rescue. He is also missing a few teeth. An ophthalmologist is also working with the pup in the hope that he will regain his sight.

After spending days living outside in the cold and surviving traumatic injuries, Will was finally able to be relocated to a forever home to continue his long journey of healing. Thanks to the dedicated rescuers who saved his life, he will now be able to enjoy the rest of his life in comfort!

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