Thieves target Springfield dog rescue group


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Thieves have targeted the storage unit of a Springfield dog rescue party.

The owner of HavaHeart Rescue shared a update on facebook earlier this week, stating “it’s an intense sense of violation that’s hard to deal with.”

The organization says the burglary occurred between October 23 and 24. The thieves left the mess after emptying the unit. The thieves stole several items, including dog blankets, food, collars, leashes, medicine and cleaning supplies. They even stole photographic prints and auction items.

“We filed a police report, and the police were able to obtain an imprint of one of the water bottles they left,” said a spokesperson for the organization. “We don’t have cameras because all of our stuff is temporarily stored at a residential address until we can afford more permanent storage. They kicked in the locked door to come in and take everything.

The thieves not only took all of their supplies, but also ransacked the rest of the storage unit, according to HavaHeart.

“They, we’re in there long enough to smoke a cigarette and throw trash all over the place,” Jill said with HavaHeart.

After the crimes, Jill took to social media and used Tik Tok to share the incident, which exploded overnight.

The post generated nearly 13,000 likes and over 1,000 comments reaching from big companies like “Chewy” who sent 17 boxes of dog food to HavaHeart.

Police are still searching for suspects after recovering a fingerprint from a water bottle at the scene.

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