To the Rescue release date arrives in November


The To the rescue the release date is now known!

The animal shelter simulator from developer Little Rock Games and publisher Freedom Games is coming to Steam for PC and Mac very soon.

Players will operate an animal shelter in the fictional town of Yawning Falls, helping take care of the homeless animal population in the town, gradually building your reputation through good care to attract employees, volunteers and host families.

While the Nintendo Switch version will have to wait a bit longer, as “early 2022” is the current release window, regardless of which version you purchase, 20% of the proceeds will help real-world rescue efforts through donations. at the Petfinder Foundation.

The release date of To the Rescue will be available soon.

So when the To the rescue release date be? He is about to fall Thursday, November 4.

Among the added finishing touches is the Barkbook app, which allows members of the Yawning Falls community to rate your efforts, weekly tasks, and challenges (including applying for grants and organizing fundraisers at various places in the city), and if your shelter gains enough goodwill, then a welcoming network of volunteers will open up.

As the manager of the shelter, you must also balance the nutritional, medical and mental health and needs of dogs, trying to find adoptive families that are a perfect match for each dog’s personality.

“Our editor has done an amazing job helping us with the marketing side of the project, so that we can stay focused on development,” said lead developer Olivia Dunlap in an email to O’Day dog. “As we are such a small team, this has been extremely valuable to us! With a simulation / management game, even though a lot of our core features are already in place, there are always borderline cases to tweak and new things to add and improve.

While Little Rock Games does not yet have official plans for its next project, they do plan to release updates and bug fixes for some time after release. To learn more about the Arkansas company, check out their website for more details.

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