Woman rescued from Koreatown apartment trash chute – NBC Los Angeles


Add another to this week’s unusual rescues for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

A day after rescuing two people and a frightened dog from the Los Angeles River in the San Fernando Valley, members of the fire crew responded to a Koreatown apartment on Tuesday evening.

A woman was stuck in a garbage chute.

The woman was trapped about three stories up in the building on the 800 block of South Hobart Boulevard.

It was not immediately clear how the 40-year-old woman got stuck.

Nearly 50 firefighters, including members of the technical rescue team, intervened on the scene around 8:30 p.m. They considered trying to reach the woman, who was conscious and speaking with firefighters, from the roof or basement. They also considered breaking down the walls.

The woman was about 20 feet from the roof of the four-story building.
Rescue personnel on the roof secured the woman with a harness around her wrist. They then carefully lowered her down the chute to secure her.

“Once we were able to strap it around her wrist, we made sure she was safe,” Battalion Commander Lance McCloskey said. “Faster, lower it. It went pretty quickly once we put the harness around her.

Staff from the Building’s 88 Urban Search and Rescue Team were also part of the swift water rescue team that rescued two people and a dog from the LA River in Studio City on Monday.

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